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Established in 2012, ISDC are regional leaders in premium food products supply and distribution. ISDC has deep and extensive networks and experience throughout China and Australia, with the directors holding over 20 years of Chinese trade experience, and the organisation itself working closely with leading Chinese retail chains, with a particular focus on the mother & baby sector.




ISDC’s deep and established presence, network and experience in China provides extensive and genuine value to organisations wanting to grow sales and gain traction in the rapidly expanding, highly complex Chinese market.


With an office and showroom in Guangzhou, connections with Chinese Customs/CIQ, the ability to help with trademarking and represent your brand/products at exhibitions around China, we live and breath Chinese business philosophy and fully understand the cultural aspects and business methods required to be successful in the region.




Together, the ISDC platform offers:

  • Entry to China’s lucrative Mother & Baby stores

  • Access direct to our retail partners' extensive retail footprint

  • Favourable in store treatment via retail sales staff

  • Access to ISDC's wholesale network which extends across all provinces in China

  • Access to ISDC's  retail network including:

    • over 5,000 pharmacies

    • large coffee chain retail network (over 500 shops)

    • Tens and thousands of Convenience stores

    • Over 1,000 Supermarkets

    • China's leading bookshop chain (over 3,000 large stores)


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