ISDC's significant regional presence and capability is driven by a close working relationship with some of China's largest Mother and Baby chain stores.

  • Our current direct retail footprint covers 13 provinces

  • Over 2000 retail stores

  • Main retail partners had 2017 revenues of over 2.8 billion RMB

  • Wholesale networks in all Chinese Provinces

Retail and wholesale network:

Retail and Wholesale

Currently Wholesale Only

The Integrated Channel & Refined Service Model

  • Our sales success has been achieved through a multi-faceted Integrated Channel Model and Refined Service customer approach delivering exceptional sales and customer care.

  • Our retail partners have built a reputation by having an extremely professional medical customer service system. Equipped with a highly-trained customer service team whom specialise in pre and post customer care and support in:

    • Obstetrics;

    • Gynaecological and paediatric medicine; and

    • Child care guidance and services.

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